Executive Assistant

(Part-time Temporary Position July 1, 2024-January 2025)

This position is for an Executive Assistant (EA) to work for the CEO. The position is a contract position for 10 hours per week for a six month period, and may be renewable at the end of thecontract. Some of the EA responsibilities are as follows:

      • Prepare communications such as emails, thank you letters, social media, reports andother correspondence on behalf of the CEO
      • Perform minor bookkeeping duties
      • Helps to plan events
      • Plan and coordinate meetings, support groups, send reminders
      • Manage the executive’s calendar• Respond to emails, phone calls and our general inbox
      • Excellent in collaboration skills
      • Excellent verbal and written, and communication skills
      • Strong organizational skills, time management, and ability to multitask• Computer skills
      • Proactivity and self-direction
      • Decision-making: independent decision making on a daily basis, addressing the best wayto handle specific tasks, and problem-solving

*Prior event planning  experience is a plus

Send resume to: info@openmyheartfoundation.org