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Open My Heart Foundation is an organization that educates the public about Heart Health. The various experts provide measures that help protect our heart health. Many thrivers candidly share what life is like after a heart attack or stroke. The candid conversation provides knowledge that can save a life. The powerful personal stories of how women not only survived but continue to give back to the community are riveting.

Kathi Muhammad

In February, 2020, just before the COVID outbreak and the loss of Florence’s dear brother (who attended), I was honored with several phenomenal women for my community service. I was so humbled by this recognition. Who knew that this would be the last glamorous event that I would attend. I have been working in the hospital watching 1 or more people die daily due to the impact of COVID. I keep the picture taken of myself and my family and the booklet on the front counter of my compounding pharmacy, Quality of Life Pharmacy & Health, Inc. to remind me of better days. It keeps me motivated to continue to educate as many people as possible about how to prevent COVID, keep yourself healthy and not become a victim. Keep your facemasks on, wash your hands, take Vitamin D3 unless your have poor kidney function or are on dialysis. I have shared Terri’s Antiviral Arsenal with many people. Hopefully, Florence has shared it with you.

I pray this the only negative thing that happens to you this year is a NEGATIVE COVID-19 test!!!

Dr. Terri Peters, R.Ph., PD

CEO/Owner, Quality of Life Pharmacy

Bravo & kudos to Florence Champagne for taking her tragic experience with heart disease and turning it into an interactive platform to educate, inspire, empower, honor, celebrate and simply share others stories in a grass-roots effort to make a difference, especially in our communities of color.” – @ThePeoplesEmcee

Dr. Renee' Starlynn Allen


“…this organization represents something near and dear to me. This organization has reminded me to remember that all things are important no matter when they happened. My open heart surgery was more than just something that happened to me. It is a part of my journey.”

Wanda Washington