Eliminating Heart Health Disparaties Amongst African-American Women
Am I Having A Heart Attack?
Only 52 percent of African-American women are aware of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

Signs & Symptoms


Dizziness, general aches and pains, clenched jaws, headaches, indigestion, difficulty sleeping, racing heart, ringing in the ears, sweaty palms, tiredness, exhaustion, trembling, weight gain or loss, upset stomach


Constant worry, difficulty making decisions, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, lack of creativity, loss of sense of humor, poor memory


Anger, anxiety, crying, depression, feeling powerless, frequent mood swings, irritability, loneliness, negative thinking, nervousness, sadness


Bossiness, compulsive eating, critical attitude of others, explosive actions, frequent job changes, impulsive actions, increased use of alcohol or drugs, withdrawal from relationships or social situations

Lessons Learned

"I sustain myself with the love of my family." Maya Angelou

No matter who your family is, and whatever differences you have, I have learned that within tight knit families, we all know how to come together in the time of devastation and need. I have seen it with the loss of my grandmother, with my father, and through my open heart surgery and recovery. I have watched people come and go in my life, but my family is there keeping me close and within their embrace, their thoughts, their prayers, and reach--especially in the time of need.

One thing that I have found about myself is that "I sustain myself with the love of my family."