Eliminating Heart Health Disparaties Amongst African-American Women
About Us
The Open My Heart Foundation, Inc. is a national non-profit organization designed to help eliminate heart-health disparities for African-American women who have the highest rates of cardiovascular disease. Nearly 50,000 African-American women die annually as a result of the disease.  The newly formed foundation plans to provide help in their time of need, through grants, advocacy, support, and education. The Board Members and Advisory Committee are experts in various disciplines and provide services to the African-American community and women of color.

Open My Heart Foundation works closely with community partners to off-set some of the costs of heart conditions to African-American women. Our vision is to provide underinsured and African-American women across this nation with cardiac care. Due to the high cost of cardiovascular diagnostic testing, cardiac rehab, and other treatments associated with cardiovascular disease, African-Americans are increasingly not able to pay to get the help they need.  Our goal is to assist and support African American women.